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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision at the Chilterns Neuro Centre is to create a community in which people affected by neurological conditions can live life to the full. We want to be a charity that enhances the quality of life of individuals, families and communities of people affected by neurological conditions.

To help us achieve this we have four main values. We want to be welcoming, caring, empowering and improving.

Four brightly coloured boxes in a row, each containing a different word - welcoming, caring, empowering and improving


We are committed to creating a diverse, inclusive community that helps people in safe and happy surroundings.


We believe deeply in delivering the highest standards of care, therapy and treatments that improve people’s quality of life.


With dedicated support we encourage people to aim for and achieve more and to work towards greater personal goals.


By working and developing together we want to make a positive difference and will continue to strive for better with an ambitious and determined approach.

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