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Out-of-Hours Exercise Support


Early intervention, including exercise, is vital to slowing down the progression of the conditions supported by the Chilterns Neuro Centre. While we are well equipped to support our members during normal working hours with our existing exercise programme, not to mention the other services we provide, we are limited in our ability to provide support outside of these hours and don’t always meet the needs of people in full-time work.

We want to encourage more people of working age to be exercising as the benefits are so immense for those affected by neurological conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s or strokes.

To overcome this, the Centre has teamed up with several local gyms to offer services outside of its hours.

The Gym at Halton

The Gym at Halton is a spacious gym offering an expansive range of up-to-date fitness equipment, laid out in clearly defined training zones – cardio zone, resistance machines, free weights and outdoor zone.

Their fitness facilities are open seven days a week, 6am-9pm and are complemented with more than ample parking and a brilliant clubhouse for refreshments.

Normal membership of the Gym at Halton costs £55 a month but our members can have this at a reduced rate of £25 a month (up to a maximum of 50 people). There is an additional charge for PT sessions but these are payable direct to the trainers.

To sign up for this offer, just email appointments@chilternsneurocentre.org


Tring Sports Centre

Tring Sports Centre is offering a one week free trial covering a wide range of fitness classes including Zumba, boxfit and aqua.

If you would like to continue using their facilities at the end of this trial, they are able to provide a discount on the standard membership rate.

Instead of the usual monthly fee of £41, it would only cost £33 per month, or £22 if you want a swim-only membership.

To sign up for your free trial month, just email appointments@chilternsneurocentre.org


Prestwood Gym and Fitness Centre

Prestwood Gym and Fitness Centre offers a variety of fantastic facilities and a friendly and welcoming team to help meet your health and fitness goals.

The centre has a 40 station gym, variety of fitness classes including Zumba, Pilates, aerobics, total body conditioning and core stability.

Instead of the usual monthly fee of £40, it would only cost £25 per month.

To sign up for this offer, just email appointments@chilternsneurocentre.org


These gyms can work with members to offer support that could help slow the progression of their condition and make a huge impact on both their long-term physical and mental health.

We are in the process of talking to other gyms in the local areas to see if we can expand further on these incredible opportunities.