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The latest art challenge is a view from my window

We thought that this would be a relevant topic as we are all spending a little more time at home and there are so many different views from our windows – from a window box to a street view, people or garden. Grayson Perry selected this theme on his TV art challenge, during lockdown, and the artists Pierre Bonnard chose this subject in many pieces of his work. 

Download the pack and start by looking at the images which include some of the work completed on Grayson Perry’s TV programme and also art by Pierre Bonnard

  • Start sketching and gathering some ideas and views from your window, looking at composition and a subject or view that interests you.
  • Take you pen for a walk and sketch the view or part of the view in a viewfinder.
  • Do you want to include the window frame or not? Do you want to include an interior scene with outdoors? What view do you get in different directions? Is there something that is fun or sends a message? Can ordinary everyday objects make an interesting subject?
  • Include the main shapes in your sketch but not too much details. Include the tones so you pick out lights, darks and medium shades
  • You can work in any medium that you like, although to achieve Bonnard’s effect – acrylic or pastels may be best. Think about complementary colours and mix them rather than straight from the tube!

Pierre Bonnard is known for his use of intense of colour, the bright light of outdoors or the artificial light indoors, and often of domestic scenes. He was part of the Nabis art movement, using flat patches and many brush strokes of colour. He started with a sketch but then painted in his studio, painting from memory. You could do the same!
Gabby and Judith get some samples/ideas/demo together soon – but please experiment and play!

Paper, Pencils, Pens, Acrylics, Crayons or pastels.  If you have a little box for equipment and a place for art – is becomes easier to dip in and out of it, rather than setting up and collecting everything each time.

Enjoy being creative and we will keep you busy!!
Love Gabby and Judith