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No looking back at the Chilterns Neuro Centre

Louise Rivers can testify to how life can change in an instant. On Easter Sunday in 2020 she was relaxing at home with her family when she suddenly experienced pins and needles in her leg. She initially dismissed her symptoms, but she quickly deteriorated and within four minutes, her husband recognised that she was having a stroke.

At the age of 44, Louise found herself unable to look after her family and home, so her husband, who she calls an absolute superstar, quickly became main carer to her and her son, whilst maintaining his full-time job.

Following several weeks of treatment in hospital, Louise continued her recovery with the Bucks Early Discharge Support Team where one of its members introduced her to the then MS Centre. The Centre had recently begun a trial to open up its services to people with Parkinson’s and stroke survivors.

“I was, of course, apprehensive at first, wondering what I could gain from visiting the Neuro Centre, apart from extra physiotherapy. However, I did complete the referral and was very glad I did.”

“I can honestly say that from my very first visit and assessment, I felt such a positive vibe at the Centre. A little spark of hope for my future was ignited for me that day, something I’d not felt since having my stroke.”

Since then, Louise hasn’t looked back and has tried many of the classes, treatments and therapies on offer at the Centre. “I’ve worked with so many of the amazing individuals in their incredibly diverse team.”

“I’ve been able to work weekly with a fantastic physiotherapist, who is not only dynamic and intuitive to my needs, but caring, kind and extremely supportive. I feel I’ve physically smashed goals that were way above what I ever expected to be able to do again. This has given me the confidence to challenge myself on this ongoing journey post-stroke.”

“I completed a fantastic hydrotherapy course, where I gained a new confidence in water and began to learn to swim again with an aid. I was able to get into a swimming pool with my son on a recent family holiday and it was really special to see him beaming as he saw me in the water! I honestly think it made the holiday. I’m due to start a second hydrotherapy course shortly, where I hope to work on strengthening my core.”

“I’ve been supported to try adapted cross-fit by an awesome physio assistant whose own passion and commitment to her fitness continues to inspire me to push forward with my new goals.”

“I attend weekly HIIT and exercise classes on zoom and also really enjoy a mat yoga class with a wonderful teacher who has helped me discover how meditation and relaxation can really help to relax my sometimes chaotic, mind.”

“The physios and staff who provide these classes are both supportive and knowledgeable, helping me push to increase my fitness. They somehow manage to make me smile during exercise, even on my ‘down’ days by making exercise fun.”

“Even when I’m struggling with my mobility, Centre staff use their knowledge and experience to help me adapt my approach so I can continue to engage in physical activity. I’ve received support from the physiotherapy team on a knee injury and have recently been having acupuncture to help with pain after hurting my back.”

“The staff have supported me through these issues and helped me to get back on track. This has been amazing and a definite boost to my mental wellbeing. On top of all this, I’ve even had a wonderful Indian head massage at the Centre, which was an absolute treat!”

“Visiting the Centre is definitely a huge highlight of my week. It’s a very special place and I am forever grateful for everyone there who supports me on my journey. I’ve gained so much and continue to do more than I ever expected by working with their truly amazing team.”

If you’ve experienced a stroke, or you have MS or Parkinson’s, and feel you would benefit from the services offered by the Centre, or you know someone who would then please get in touch by phoning 01296 696133 or by emailing info@chilternsneurocentre.org