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OT Tips – Gardening Tools

OT Tips – Gardening Equipment

It is that time of year again when we are thinking of getting out into the garden again. So this week we are looking at  Gardening Equipment.

If you enjoy gardening but are finding it more difficult to manage there is a huge variety of adaptive gardening tools and equipment available. Look at the ‘Thrive Carry on Gardening’ website. This is a charity that aims to help people to continue to garden whatever their disability. It gives practical information to make garden jobs easier. It does not sell anything so gives impartial advice on a wide range of equipment and tools available.  It has tips for people who have a weak grip, need to garden sitting down, people who are visually impaired or people who find it difficult to bend over.

Where to buy adaptive gardening tools

There is so much equipment available. If you think you would like to talk to a professional about what would suit you, many of the big online equipment stores have an Occupational Therapist that you can talk to.

MS doesn’t have to stop you from spending time tending to your garden.  Getting outside is a great way to improve your wellbeing and can keep you mobile. Happy Gardening!

Image credit: Thrive

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