Art Challenge: Seascapes

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Art Challenge: Seascapes

Seascapes Art Challenge

We are hoping that you will really enjoy this theme and that it will take you away on a raft to the seaside! It is particularly close to Judith’s heart, coming from the North East Northumberland.


1. Download the examples of suggested artists, methods and photographs to get you started.

2. We have suggested looking at the work of Kurt Jackson, who is based in Cornwall, and also Claude Monet (Impressionists), who used many contrasting colours in his work.

3. We suggest getting straight into the paints!!

  • Put a wash onto the paper as a background and use a spatula/art knife to apply the paints.
  • Use a credit card to apply the paints ( as you did with the cards)
  • Paint randomly in papers which can then be torn up and used as collage along with other pares, fabrics or tissue

Just play! – whilst Gabby and Judith get some samples/ideas/demo together.

YOU WILL NEED SOME OF THESE THINGS: Paper, Acrylics, Inks, Crayons or pastels, magazines/newsprint, coloured papers/tissue for collage.

If you have a little box for equipment and a place for art – is becomes easier to dip in and out of it, rather than setting up and collecting everything each time. Enjoy being creative and we will keep you busy!!

Love Kelly, Gabby and Judith