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New exercise class timetable

From Monday 26 February 2024, the exercise class timetable will be changing.

This new timetable is designed to make best use of our resources, and also ensure it more effectively meets the needs of our members.

Why make these changes?

With the old timetable, we found that many members attended multiple classes each day and this is not ideal as it does not allow the body sufficient recovery time. It is important that the body gets enough rest in between exercise sessions. We also found that some classes, particularly those in the afternoon, had an almost zero attendance.

Most importantly, evidence shows that three aerobic sessions and two strength sessions each week is the optimum amount to get the best results. Our new timetable allows you to get this balance.

We know that no exercise timetable we put together will suit everyone but, as a charity, we need to make sure our resources are maximised to provide the greatest impact whilst giving our members the service they need.

Our Exercise Lead, Joe Harman, has done his research before putting this new timetable together and this was based on the types and levels of exercise needed to support people with MS, Parkinson’s and stroke survivors. You can find a summary of that research here.

New timetable

The new timetable, from Monday 26 February, will be as follows.


  • 9.30am: Rehabilitation Class (Face-to-face and Zoom)
  • 11.15am: Standing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT/ Aerobic) (Zoom)


  • 8.15am: Standing Strength Class (Zoom)
  • 10.15am: General Exercise Class (Aerobic) (Face-to-face and Zoom)
  • 1pm: Low Impact Mobility Class (Face-to-face and Zoom)


  • 9.30am: General Exercise Class (Strength) (Face-to-face and Zoom)
  • 11.15am: Standing Balance Class (Face-to-face and Zoom)
  • 6pm: General Exercise Class (Aerobic) (Zoom) (Fortnightly)


  • 9.30am: Seated High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT/ Aerobic) (Face-to-face and Zoom)


  • 9.30am: General Exercise Class (Strength) (Face-to-face and Zoom)

Further information

If you have any questions about this timetable, please email JoeHarman@chilternsneurocentre.org

To book onto any of these classes, or to obtain the Zoom link, please email appointments@chilternsneurocentre.org

If you sign up to our WhatsApp channel, you will be made aware of any changes to this timetable.