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Art Challenge: Churches

Churches and Interesting Architecture Art Challenge

Here is our new art theme for the next few weeks – can you believe that this is session 4 and we started the Angel online art challenges 8 weeks ago. Hope you enjoy. xx

We are all likely to have a church or interesting piece of architecture near our homes, to which are we familiar with. They make fabulous subjects for art and the structures within the building may become the inspiration for more abstract pieces. Please look at the images, as they show our suggested artist, methods and photographs to get you started, while Gabby and I get some ideas flowing.


1. Download the examples of suggested artists, methods and photographs to get you started.

2. Our suggested artist, for this session, is John Piper (1903 – 1992), born in Epsom. He was an English painter, printmaker and designer of stained-glass windows, who developed a naturalistic but distinctive approach, but often worked in several different styles throughout his career. Piper was an official war artist in World War II and his wartime depictions of bomb-damaged churches and landmarks, most notably those of Coventry Cathedral, made Piper a household name. You may also like to research artist Benjamin Nicholson, who was also an English painter who worked with Piper, creating abstract compositions, landscapes and still-life works.

3. Start by sketching some simple architectural building shapes using pencil/charcoal. Look at the different tones of dark and light. You could then take architectural shapes and design your own abstract pattern from these interesting forms and outlines. Possibly add a little colour with crayons, pastels, watercolours. Look at Pipers use of tone and colours – yellows, whites, pinks, blacks

Just play! – whilst Gabby and Judith get some samples/ideas/demo together.

YOU WILL NEED SOME OF THESE THINGS: Paper, Charcoal, Crayons or pastels, Watercolours, Inks or Acrylics, magazines/newsprint for collage

If you have a little box for equipment and a place for art – is becomes easier to dip in and out of it, rather than setting up and collecting everything each time. Enjoy being creative and we will keep you busy!!

Love Gabby and Judith