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Shapes in Nature

Hello to you all and welcome again to the new art theme and challenge for the next few weeks.  We hope that you will enjoy participating in or following the work.

Nature has certainly looked its best in the sunshine and quiet – which has often helped us through these extraordinary times.
Pausing to look more closely – you will find the most amazing shapes within Nature, often remarkably abstract, and provide wonderful inspiration for artists.

There are some ideas and images here to get your creative juices flowing, whilst Gabby and Judith get some demos and projects together for you


1. Download the examples of suggested artists, methods and photographs to get you started.

2. Take a little time to look at the images in Nature and the art-work inspired by Nature on the following pages.

3. You may like to take some photos or sketch some of your own shapes in nature.

4. There are so many ways you could take this theme – from detailed, figurative work to the freedom of abstraction or patterns, from pen and ink and watery washes to dabbing or flicking paints; even printing, rubbings or collages with some natural elements.

Just play! – whilst Gabby and Judith get some samples/ideas/demo together.

YOU WILL NEED SOME OF THESE THINGS: Paper, Charcoal, Crayons or pastels, Watercolours, Inks or Acrylics, magazines/newsprint for collage

If you have a little box for equipment and a place for art – is becomes easier to dip in and out of it, rather than setting up and collecting everything each time. Enjoy being creative and we will keep you busy!!

Love Gabby and Judith