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Our therapeutic leisure groups are informal, welcoming groups offering various fun activities and events. Members enjoy a drink and chat with peers or join in with one of the wide range of activities on offer.

The aim of the therapeutic leisure groups is to provide people with the opportunity to meet other members and to participate in fun activities.  When dealing with a long-term condition like MS, life can become dominated by day to day essentials.  This leaves little time, energy and resources for enjoying the fun things in life.  We want to help you to redress this balance.

We run a number of different groups each month including:

Social Group – alternate Wednesdays

Our main social group where anything goes!  We enjoy a range of activities for people of all abilities, including quizzes and crafts.  It’s a great place to try new things, catch up with friends, chat about anything you want and enjoy some downtime.

Each session is different and we run regular themed sessions that group members can help to plan and organise.  Occasionally the group organises trips out to a local café, attractions or the theatre.

Games Group – alternate Thursdays

The perfect group for those who enjoy getting competitive with a game or two.  Previous games have included Scrabble, Triominoes, Rummikub, Uno and even Pass the Pigs!

 Art Group

Art Group

Angell Art Group – alternate Wednesdays

A lovely group for those who want to explore their artistic side.  If you enjoy art or simply appreciate it then this is a great group to join.  This group also produces some of our Christmas cards and their art is sold at the annual Pop Up Art Weekend too!

Cards Club – one Thursday afternoon each month.

Perfect for those members who love a fun competitive game of cards. Suitable for all abilities.

Give it a Go – one Thursday afternoon each month.

Monthly meet up to introduce different activities and events. Including workshops/events/activities given by external visitors. Previous very successful sessions include vibration sound relaxation and a chocolate making workshop.

Enrich – fortnightly on Thursday mornings (offered as a block of 4 sessions)

This group is aimed at meeting the needs of members with more severe physical and / or cognitive impairments.  It offers the benefits of many of the other therapeutic leisure groups but on a much smaller scale.  The group is limited to just 4 members at a time who attend with the support of a carer / family member and sessions last for just 1 hour.  Each session is based around a chosen theme for example, Autumn, Dogs, School Days, and involve a broad range of interactive and stimulating activities.

If you are interested in attending this particular group, you would need to attend an initial assessment to ensure it was appropriate to your needs.

Chillax  – fortnightly on a Thursday afternoon

This small and relaxed group is aimed at assisting our members to self-manage their own emotional well-being.  The sessions introduce the participants to a broad range of strategies to reduce stress- levels and encourage a sense of calm and relaxation.  Members are also encouraged to apply these strategies to their everyday routines at home.   Family members / carers are welcome to attend this group.


Enjoying social and leisure activities within a group setting can help in many ways, both physically and emotionally.

These include:

  • Lifting mood/reducing stress
  • Improving confidence/providing a feeling of achievement
  • Recognising existing skills and learning new ones
  • Forming new friendships & widening support networks
  • Strengthening thinking skills (e.g. concentration / memory)
  • Providing a sense of structure and purpose
  • Improving physical stamina & increasing energy levels


The groups are run by the Occupational Therapy team and supported by enthusiastic volunteers!  The groups are open to all members and their family members/carers, except for Enrich Group which requires a pre-assessment.

Our groups run on alternate Wednesdays and Thursdays. Check the Centre Timetable for dates and times.

If you are interested in joining, please speak to Kelly or Amy or contact the team by emailing occupationaltherapy@chilternsmscentre.org

The group is fun and helps to get me out of myself when I am feeling down.



  • adult colouring
  • Chocolate making at the Centre
  • Playing games